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Established in 1972 in Abu Dhabi, UAE - ATGC is one of the leading and fastest-growing Contracting Companies in the MENA region


ATGC has completed multi-disciplined projects (including, but not limited to) the design and building of Skyscrapers, Mixed-use Developments, Residential and Commercial Communities, IT Data Centres, Field Hospitals, Specialized ETFE, Indoor Intelligent Farming Structures (including plantations) and Infrastructure Development


ATGC is a qualified Fast Track Design & Build Contractor, providing end-to-end Construction solutions through turnkey projects


ATGC's scope of operations span Asia and Africa, with varied contracting operations throughout the MENA region


ATGC is a recognized and accredited ISO-certified Company.


ATGC's esteemed clients include Government Institutions, Private Developers and Investors


Be a world-class company with a global presence by maintaining a sustainable trustworthy relationship with our clients, partners and employees.

ATGC is committed to making safety as a top priority for all their employees with zero risk tolerance for their health and safety.

ATGC ensures global quality, reliability and transparency.

ATGC sustainability vision focuses on

  • Environmental awareness with high regard to HSE.
  • Proactively ensuring ethical and transparent working environment.


Our strategy and approach

The principles & standards of ATGC has made the Company one of the most reputed organization in UAE and in the other Countries and we are able to satisfy all our Client who are working based in UAE and Outside the Gulf.



1 Visualize The Prooject

Key benefits:
  • Early stage detection of any changes
  • Facilitation of the decision-making process
  • Enhancement of marketing
  • Better coordination and collaboration
  • High level of photorealism

2 Develop The Design


Detailed and comprehensive BIM Models for all trades:

  • LOD 100: Concept Design
  • LOD 200: Schematic Design
  • LOD 300: DD stage
  • LOD 400: Shop Drawings stage
  • LOD 500: Facilities Management
  • Cost Classification data incorporated into the model
  • Organized Model Hierarchies and strict Naming Conventions
  • Coordination of all disciplines
  • Full Automation
  • Early identification of any clashes and impact categorization
  • Resolution of clashes with our Consultants during coordination sessions
  • Enabling a well organized and efficient construction process

3 Optimize The Project

'What if Analysis' that assists in making informed decisions by all our construction managers
  • EVALUATION OF DESIGN OPTIONS (ROI 9% Feasibility study for design alternative)
  • VE OPTIMIZATIONS (AED2.8M Savings in concrete works)
  • SUBCONTRACTOR PACK. OPTIMIZATIONS (6% Price for Aluminium package)

4 Standardization

  • Promoting and mandating a process that is standards- based
  • Compatible technologies and processes within every project
  • Quality and consistency of all technologies
  • Interoperability and safety of all technologies

5 Parallel Progress


6 City Diversity

What makes a city beautiful?
  • City Diversity
  • Uniqueness?

7. Transparency

  • Automated process – generating precise and detailed Cost Reports from our Models
  • Value Engineering – quick quantification for all proposed alternatives
  • Varied Exploration – of different design options for each client
  • On Budget – stay on costs with frequent cost estimates, and not just design submissions
  • Cash Flow – prediction analytics and scenarios
  • Data Flow – capturing all Historical Cost Data from the start

ATGC Profile

We Are Expert In All
Industry Works

ATGC owns and manages a diversified business portfolio, involved in construction, automotive supply and services. Since its foundation, ATGC has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of products and services through a committed, professional management and staff.
ATGC began in 1972 and started with a small fleet of trucks and equipment, serving the Abu Dhabi Municipality. Today, ATGC has more than 4 main branches in Abu Dhabi only in addition to the Headquarter which located in Abu Dhabi too.
The Company continues to grow, and is always looking for new opportunities. Its priority is to add value to its many customers and to the local communities where it operates.


ATGC is one of the leading regional companies in the industry with respect to developing infrastructure, highbuilding projects, and urban development


The company offers and maintains the expertise in transportation and contracting gained in their area of specialization. The company values professionalism and world class standards. Through our experience in refining procedures, we have successfully fulfilled the highest quality standards in management, production and technical development.

Our Strategy

ATGC has based its business strategy on building alliances with leading global brand owners. Across its four business areas and market sectors, the Company maintains strong ties with industry leaders. This gives the Company a distinct competitive advantage in new technology, best practices and innovation, enabling it to add greater value to its many customers.


ATGC shares a set of four core values : Excellence, Integrity, Unity and Responsibility. These values, which have been part of the Company’s beliefs and convictions from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the business decisions of ATGC.

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