About Us

The UAE has the fastest growing economy in the world. With double digit GDP growth and highest per capita income, UAE is geared for tremendous growth well into the year 2030. It is considered a key gateway between Europe and Asia. It is a mega business hub and distribution channel to a population of over 3 billion people.

Most of the world’s fortune companies are either already here and expanding operations or planning to make it the regions’ corporate headquarters of choice. As a result there is a real estate construction boom that will deliver some of the most planned, prestigious, and sophisticated environments for working, living and leisure.

Our collective resources give us tremendous synergies that have not only managed and constructed multimillion dollar projects, but also utilize some of the most proven methods and sophisticated technologies to provide quality and significant cost savings.

Our projects include high-rise buildings, dams, roads & highways, bridges, tunnels, earthwork projects, and other heavy engineering tasks, etc. We have highly experienced and qualified engineering and management teams deployed in the execution of high profile and prominent projects in the region.

ATGC’s main focus is on helping our customers succeed so that the relationships we participate in are worthwhile for all parties. We provide high quality products and services that are timely and competitively priced.

ATGC is strongly committed to the community In which we live, work and play. We believe in sharing our professional, financial, and collaborative resources with our employees, customers, and suppliers, so that we have a stronger and more vibrant community that continues to improve the quality of life.


ATGC owns and manages a diversified business portfolio, involved in construction, automotive supply and services. Since its foundation, ATGC has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of products and services through a committed, professional management and staff.

ATGC began in 1972 and started with a small fleet of trucks and equipment, serving the Abu Dhabi Municipality. Today, ATGC has more than 4 main branches in Abu Dhabi only in addition to the Headquarter which located in Abu Dhabi too.

The Company continues to grow, and is always looking for new opportunities. Its priority is to add value to its many customers and to the local communities where it operates.



ATGC employs a workforce of highly trained multinational personnel working under a qualified and motivated, professional management staff. ATGC continually seeks alternative methods of construction and innovative solutions to engineering problems not only to ensure its competitive edge, but also to maintain its established position in an increasingly competitive market. Since its founding, every dimension of ATGC’s business has seen impressive growth, as is evidenced by its everincreasing list of clients. Managing selective expansion and diversification has been the key to ATGC’s success.


The company offers and maintains the expertise in transportation and contracting gained in their area of specialization. The company values professionalism and world class standards. Through our experience in refining procedures, we have successfully fulfilled the highest quality standards in management, production and technical development.

Our Strategy

ATGC has based its business strategy on building alliances with leading global brand owners. Across its four business areas and market sectors, the Company maintains strong ties with industry leaders. This gives the Company a distinct competitive advantage in new technology, best practices and innovation, enabling it to add greater value to its many customers.

ATGC is one of the leading regional companies in the industry with respect to developing infrastructure, highbuilding projects, and urban development.


ATGC shares a set of four core values : Excellence, Integrity, Unity and Responsibility. These values, which have been part of the Company’s beliefs and convictions from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the business decisions of ATGC.

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi